Return to Potted Arms and Fancy Faire: 15th Anniversary

Fencing Champion Tournament: Dungeon Crawl

From our current Baronial Fencing Champion Demetrio Antelini da Lucca:

The time has come for Their Excellencies An Dubhaigeainn to find my successor as Baronial Rapier Champion. I would like to invite you all to come join us at Potted Arms on June 18th to see if you have what it takes to be Their Excellencies Champion. This year’s tournament will be presented in the style of a Dungeon Delving Tournament. “What’s that” you ask? “What is a Dungeon Delving Tournament?” If you think you have the experience, or you just want to take your game to the next level, come roll the dice and find out. Will it be an utter failure, or will you find critical success? Maybe you can be the next heroic Rapier Champion of An Dubhaigeainn.

The tournament will be presented in two parts. The first is a modified bear pit “Dungeon Crawl.” Two entrants will enter the dungeon, only one can leave, and even that isn’t guaranteed. Will it be a total party kill, or will one combatant exit victorious having cleared the dungeon? If you manage to delve deep enough, unknown dangers await you.

At the conclusion of stage one, the scores will be tallied and the four combatants who’ve earned the most experience points will move forward to the semi-finals. The format will be a double elimination bracket. The bracket will be seeded based off the results of stage one. 2 combatants will advance to the finals which will be fought to the best of three with previous losses forgiven. Finalists may not repeat a weapons form twice in a row and forms need not match between combatants.

Do you think you could be the next Champion? Come test your mettle and skill to find out. One combatant will emerge victorious, having cleared the dungeon of all their foes claiming the prize that awaits. In the process, Their Excellencies will also name a new Champion from the Baronial Populace.