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Positions Open

We are currently accepting letters of intent for Deputy Seneschal and Deputy Exchequer.  Letters can be sent to We will be voting for these deputies at our June meeting.

Upcoming A&S nights and meetings

May A&S night will be on 5/27/2016.  Jenna Childs will teach her Pennsic 101 class, just in time for the pre-reg deadline.  Details here Jenna ChildS will come be back in 6/18/16 for a Summer Crafts and Sewing Day. Details here. June A&S night will be on 6/24. Lady Violette will be conducting a heraldry class. …

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March Business Meeting Agenda 3/25/16

Residents of Hawkes Reache please attend! We have an important slate for the March business meeting on 3/25/2016. Your officers have been hard at work putting together a set of bylaws.  We will be voting on whether or not to adopt them at the next meeting.  The potential bylaws will be posted as soon as …

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Update to March A&S Program – handsewing

Jordana will be moving out of our kingdom soon.  Before she leaves she has agreed to teach a handsewing class.  Many of us have admired her work in the past, now she will show us some of her “secrets”. Jenna’s bardic class will be rescheduled for April. More details to follow on both as well …

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February A&S – Being a Scribe

Being a scribe: What do scribes do? How does the signet office work? What are some basic tips and techniques to get started learning about the scribal arts? If you’ve ever wondered these things or wanted to get involved with the signet office Vettorio Antonello, Southern Region Signet Deputy will present an introduction and explanation …

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Weather Unupdate – January Garb Construction

Looks like the snow is not going to start falling around here until after 5AM on Saturday.  I love you all, but I’d really like you out of here before then. 😀 A&S night is on as schedule.  I reserve the right to change that if there is a drastic change in the weather. YIS, …

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WEATHER UPDATE!!! January Garb Construction

Please keep and eye out for updates here and on the An Dubh FB page and the yahoo group, in case we get the snowstorm everyone is talking about. If we need to reschedule, part one will take place on SUNDAY at 12pm. Garb Workshop details. If it is still snowing or the roads are …

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Hawke Reache A&S January Garb Construction

January has arrived! A&S is scheduled to be a 2-part program this month. Part I, Friday Jan 22nd 7:00PM This is the Prep Class. We will be looking at some basic patterns, taking measurements, and laying out patterns on paper to those measurements. We will also discuss fabric and color choices, where to obtain fabric …

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1Q16 Hawkes Reache A&S Program

Our “program” for the First Quarter of 2016. thank you to Jenna & Vettorio for agreeing to teach. January – Jenna Childslayer – garb.  She will send out details. 1/22 (Friday night) – “lecture” portion 1/30 Saturday – Jenna will run the hands on portion. Starting at 10am and running until whenever. We have at least …

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