Return to Potted Arms and Fancy Faire: 15th Anniversary

Potted Arms and Fancy Faire – Schedule of Events

Schedule updated 6/6/2022

Potted Arms and Fancy Faire is being held on June 18, 2022 at the UU Church in Huntington, NY.

This is the schedule of events for the day. The site opens at 10am for the populace. Dayboard is served between 11am and 3pm.

Fencing inspections and authorizations begin at 11am. The Heraldic Entrance Competition starts at 11am, and will include all bidding for the Hat Tourney Fundraiser. Part 1 of the Baronial Fencing Championship, the Dungeon Crawl, begins at 1pm. There will be a short break, and then Part 2 of the Championship will begin by 2:30pm. Then, another break and the Hat Tourney will begin by 3:30.

Classes are being held between 12pm and 3pm. Blacksmithing demo, Gaming tent, children’s activities, and the Heraldic consultation table will be ongoing throughout the day.

Court is scheduled for 4pm, and the site closes by 5pm.