Lord Conor’s Stained Glass Workshop

2/18/16 – All spots filled! – Class is closed.  Thank you everyone for your interest.

Lord Conor has graciously agreed to travel east to Hawkes Reache to hold a stained glass workshop on Saturday 4/9/16.  The class will take place at MIchele the Ubiquitous’ house in the basement.

He will start PROMPTLY at 9AM. Uncle Conor says that he will operating on HIS time not SCA time.  Please plan to arrive by 8:45AM to have your car parked and yourself settled in.  If you arrive earlier I can promise bagels and soft drinks (COFFEE, tea & juice). 😀

It is an INTENSIVE and all encompassing class.  Participants will learn everything they need to start making leaded stained glass panels.  Class size is limited to 8 people that will use his loaner tools.  If there are people that have their own tools already or want to buy their own tools for the class, he will increase the class size to 10 people.
However, he will need to know this well in advance.

He has set up a Facebook group called Hawkes Reache Stained Glass Workshop.  This will be opened to participants of the class ONLY.  There will also be documentation that you can download and print to bring to the class.  People become participants by sending a $25.00 deposit to Conor’s PayPal account.  The account name is jimi_lee@msn.com (that’s jimi underscore lee at msn dot com).  When participants send the deposit, they should use the “Send Money to Family and Friends” feature so he doesn’t get charged a fee.  When he gets notification that he has received a payment from you, he will invite them to join the FB group.

This may seem very strict, but in order for the class to go smoothly, Conor has to have a set of “rules” that everyone will follow.  This way he know how many people will be in the class, who has paid and who hasn’t, etc.  Basically, he’s gotten stiffed and we DON’T want that to happen in OUR canton!  I’m going to add the unnecessary caveat that as the “site” owner, I WILL back Uncle Conor on his decisions if he thinks you are behaving in an unsafe manner.

The total class fee will be around $70.  Lord Conor will let participants know on the FB page when the balance is due.

“Registration” will be on a first come first serve basis.  The only reservation is a PAID registration.

This is a great opportunity.  As I’m sure you are all aware a similar mundane class taught by someone without Lord Conor’s professional experience  would run at least 2-3X if not more than what he is charging for materials fee.

Please contact me or Lord Conor with questions.

Please be aware that the class will take place in my basement.  While it is reasonably dry for a basement, it’s still a basement.  Molly the beagle and Mead the angora rabbit (long hair) live here.  Please plan accordingly.

Let me know if you need a ride from the LIRR station.  Huntington ONLY.  And you need to arrive at Huntington BEFORE 8:30AM.

Michele the Ubiquitous

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