Potted Arms – Help Wanted

Join the Canton of Hawke’s Reache as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of of the first “Potted” Arms and Fancy “Faire” on June 18th, 2022 at the Huntington UU as in years past!

I am seeking the help of a few volunteers.
* Deputy Event Steward – assists with planning, logistics, sounding board, and backs up Event Steward where needed
* Social Media Hype Coordinator – set up the FB “event”, make sure info about the event gets posted in all the right places (including the website), hypes the event on social
* Teachers – I’d like to have any kind of class that the site can accommodate (outdoors)
* Setup/breakdown volunteers – help set up the site, the list ropes for the tourneys, stand up the Baronial Fly (and possibly other fly/tents)

Please email me at 155274@members.eastkingdom.org if you’d like to sign up or have any other ideas on making the event great!
Vetra Trys Kaukoles



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